What is Fatty Liver Disease?

Stress, adulterated food and alcohol are the greatest banes of the modern society; alcohol by far is the worst of the lot affecting the liver the most. The human liver has the most important function of breaking down all the foods we take, into nutrition for the entire body. Alcohol decapitates the liver, causing several liver disorders. Fatty liver disease is the most common of the lot and roughly around 15 million Americans are already suffering from it.

Fatty Liver Disease as the name suggests is the deposition of fat in the liver. The liver requires some amount of fat but too much is fatal. This disease is of two types –Non Alcoholic Liver Disease (NALD) and Alcoholic Liver Disease (ALD).

Alcoholic liver disease is a result of excessive drinking over a long period of time, though sometimes it is evident even within a short span of time. Another reason for the presence of this disease can be attributed to one’s genes, not only in your drinking habits but also the way the liver attacks the alcohol. A few other causes of ALD are too much iron in the body, Obesity and hepatitis.

On the other hand the actual reason why NALD occurs is still unknown. It has only been deduced that some medicines, viral hepatitis or malnutrition could be a reason for its occurrence.

There are no specific symptoms to identify this condition other than the normal malaise, fatigue, weight loss and nausea which too set in only at a later stage. As the disease progresses, it is characterized by motley skin externally and abdominal pain internally. Liver cirrhosis is also possible. Diagnosis includes blood test, ultrasound and biopsy.

Fatty liver disease can’t be treated. But adopting a healthy lifestyle, eating right and avoiding all processed foods and especially alcohol, will certainly keep the disease at bay.